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  • BEAST: False Prophet – Unleash Your Inner Beast in this Epic RPG Adventure!
BEAST: False Prophet – Unleash Your Inner Beast in this Epic RPG Adventure!

BEAST: False Prophet – Unleash Your Inner Beast in this Epic RPG Adventure!

An exciting update is on the way for the incredibly cool tactical role-playing game BEAST: False Prophet. We are here to reveal the new title and all the amazing content that the game’s developers, False Prophet, have included in their recent massive update. Get ready to unleash your inner beast as we go on an adventure full of tales, strategies, and more!

BEAST: False Prophet Reimagined Adventure with a Fresh Title

Well, would you believe it? BEAST now goes by BEAST: False Prophet, a more refined moniker. Why? The creative team behind the game was very concerned with being faithful to the original concept and story. With the new update comes an incredible 40 hours of gameplay, allowing you to explore a wide variety of exciting missions. In preparation for the game’s final release in 2024, False Prophet’s creator Piotr Pacynko has stated that they are fixing bugs and polishing the game. The best part is that you can celebrate by purchasing the game at a 40% discount during the Steam Winter Sale. Now is the moment to seize it and begin an extraordinary journey!

The Exciting Adventure Begins Now!

BEAST: False Prophet is an exceptional tactical masterpiece with a captivating story; it is not your average role-playing game. It will have its major launch in 2024, but for now it’s in Early Access. In this Dark Ages adventure based on myths from the Carpathian Mountains, you will accompany Anton on his personal journey. Where is the twist? It’s a period of both great and minor evil. The story takes place in a world where deceit is rampant; thus, the title, False Prophet, which alludes to the difficulty of navigating this web in order to reach the truth.

Action Scene: Pick Your Strategies Wisely

BEAST: False Prophet gives you the option to unleash the beast or play it safe with team-oriented tactics. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style; your strategy should reflect the situation on the field. When you play it safe, your allies get a boost, but when your insanity meter is full, you can unleash devastating attacks by transforming COIN33 into the beast. Keep in mind that the difficulty and trickyness of the enemies will only increase.

You can play this game nonstop for forty hours because it has sixty different types of weapons, sixteen playable companions, forty-six tasks, and twenty-six Beast abilities. Check it out if you like BEAST: False Prophet’s interesting stories and turn-based fighting. It also works with many languages, such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Polish.

Important parts of the new content

They’ve released the second big update for BEAST: False Prophet, which has some great new features:

  • It’s possible to play the game for up to 40 hours straight.
  • Five new tasks spread out over three maps
  • There are now six new types of enemies and two new hostile groups.
  • It has eight new cutscenes.
  • A fresh campground
  • 49 Accomplishments
  • An alternative way to change into Beast Mode
  • A lot of fixes and improvements to the gameplay

Unique Things About BEAST: False Prophet

Inner Beast Dilemma: Pick when to bring out the Beast or play it safe with friends. Each strategy has good and bad points.

Strategic gameplay: Dive into intense turn-based battles on landscapes that don’t have grids. Use your limited action points wisely to get the most out of them.

Dark, Complex Story: Get lost in a story that takes place in the Dark Ages and has people who aren’t always good or bad. You can pick the less bad of two bad options.

Warband Dynamics: You’re not going on this trip by yourself. Join forces with your warband. Each member has their own special skills. You can either work with them or eat them to improve your Beast’s skills.

Download BEAST: False Prophet

The game BEAST: False Prophet is in Early Access on Steam and GOG, and the Steam Deck can be used with it. During the Steam Winter Sale, which starts on December 21, you can get the game for just $14.99, which is a 40% discount. Free in-game skins, a digital art book, and other things are waiting for people who sign up early. You can stay up to date on the game by following it on official Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

False Prophet Information

The False Prophet team is a cool group of hackers from Warsaw, Poland, that was formed in 2019. With BEAST: False Prophet, False Prophet wants to change the way tactical RPGs are played, drawing on their experience with games like Shadow Warrior 3, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, and The Medium. Go to the official website to start the journey.