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Mastering Arena Carriables: Dealing Damage in The Finals

Mastering Arena Carriables: Dealing Damage in The Finals

Greetings, my fellow players! Will you be ready to show the world what you can do in The Finals? A challenge called “Carried Away” has been challenging players to their limits. I need to know what the current task is. Astound your opponent with 500 damage using arena carriables. Have no fear; we will support you. Now that we know what to do, let’s get into the details and figure out how to overcome this challenge!

Unveiling the Mystery: Dealing 500 Damage with Arena Carriables

Dealing damage with arena carriables might seem like a breeze, but trust us, it’s a bit trickier than you’d expect. Especially when you’re eyeing that impressive 500 damage mark. Each carriable packs a punch of around 150 damage, but don’t let that intimidate you.

Grab, Aim, Fire: The Basics of Arena Carriables

  1. Find an Arena Carriable:
    • Scour the battlefield for these game-changing containers. They’re strategically scattered, waiting for you to pick them up.
  2. Press Grab:
    • Hit that Grab button on your platform of choice. Get ready to wield the power of the carriable in your hands.
  3. Aim and Fire:
    • Lock your sights on an opponent and unleash the carriable’s potential. Press the Fire button and watch it soar towards your target.

Easy, right? Well, not entirely. Enemies are quick, and not every throw will hit the mark. Now, let’s break down the different types of arena carriables you’ll encounter in The Finals.

The Fantastic Five: Arena Carriables Types

Understanding the different types of carriables is crucial to completing the challenge. Not all of them deal damage, so let’s focus on the ones that will help you reach that 500 damage goal. Here’s the lineup:

1. Powder:

  • Bursts into a smoke cloud for cover. No damage dealt.

2. Explosive:

  • Speeds forward, explodes on impact, and ignites a fire. This one packs a punch and deals damage.

3. Goo:

  • Expands into a goo wall to block areas. No damage output here.

4. Flammable:

  • Starts on fire and can explode into a massive fire. Expect damage when using this one.

5. Toxic:

  • Creates a toxic green gas cloud. It obscures NIAGASLOT vision and deals damage.

Now, focus your efforts on Explosive, Flammable, and Toxic carriables. These are your ticket to completing the weekly challenge. Send them flying towards your foes consistently, and you’ll hit that 500 damage mark sooner than you think.

Practice Makes Perfect

Here’s the pro tip – practice makes perfect. Get accustomed to the trajectory and effects of each carriable. Aim for those impactful Explosive, Flammable, and Toxic options, and soon you’ll be celebrating your victory over the Carried Away challenge.

So, grab those carriables, aim true, and let the mayhem unfold. You’re on your way to becoming a true champion in The Finals.