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Brusko: The Young Roamer Star Joins RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID S13

Brusko: The Young Roamer Star Joins RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID S13

Hello, this is Brusko. He is a great roamer guy from the Philippines, and he is taking big steps by joining RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID S13. He used to play with Minana EVOS in the year 2023, but guess what? Because of how amazing his skills were, he is now competing on a world level. 

Who do you think is on his group? Another person is his close friend John “Irrad” Abarquez. Together, they will be a very strong force for RRQ Hoshi in the year 2024. Brusko is in the process of becoming the roamer, just like Min “Naomi” Ko Ko did. 

Everyone at RRQ Hoshi is very happy that Brusko and Irrad are here. In fact, Andrian “AP” Pauline, who is the top boss, is happy with them. They were quickly welcomed into the RRQ family as a part of the group. 

Hold on, though, because some people want to know more about Brusko. Let us look at some interesting facts about this new and rising star. Since Brusko is so skilled, everyone is looking forward to seeing him shine light. 

Brusko Story

Did you know that Brusko was the first player from EVOS to join RRQ? That’s an important one in the MPL! He was on the Nexplay EVOS crew before that. He was in the band Minana EVOS in 2023, and they went on tour in the Philippines. It was even fun for him to play for Tier 2 team Minana Esports before he went on to the MPL PH. 

Even though Brusko is still young, he already has a lot of ability. Mr. AP chose both him and Irrad to be RRQ Hoshi as soon as he saw that. 

Brusko is like a superhero who has a lot of cool skills. He is able to rock a wide range of roamer heroes, whether they are starting fights or helping the SLOT GACOR TERBARU team. In many ways, that’s what makes him different from Naomi. Everyone in the Philippines has already been amazed by him in minor MLBB tournaments, even though he is still getting used to the Million Philippine League (MPL PH). 

Brusko won a lot of big tournaments while playing for Minana Esports. Two of them were the Juicy Legends and the Just ML Invitation. Because of these wins, he was able to move up to the top level of the Malaysian Premier League. 


Brusko is now ready to level up in MPL ID S13 with RRQ. He’s all set to do it. His journey is like an exciting game, and fans can’t wait to see how he grows and shows off his skills with RRQ Hoshi. In the wild world of Mobile Legends, keep an eye out for Brusko’s unique moves and the mark he leaves. The thirteenth season of the Mobile Pro League of Legends is about to start. We’re in for a real treat!